I look forward to working with you in a capacity that will allow freedom and consistency in your health and fitness-- with me there by your side, encouraging you the entire way! Successfully established in the industry for well over a decade,  I design unique programs that deliver the results you deserve using a multidisciplinary and holistic approach to health. Having experience in class leadership, individual health and fitness training; designing and implementing individual fitness and health coaching programs to meet your personal needs are my forte.  Individual programs allow me to get to know you so that I can streamline programs for your specific performance desires and health goals.  Believing in, "meeting you where you are", I build a program that begins with your current status of health and capability.  Through evidence based programming, encouragement and dedication as a team, I watch lives and bodies transform!

My Goal

You will achieve better health, fitness, strength, and flexibility with my personal coaching packages. Working as a team on your goals, you will be healthier and stronger, enhancing your confidence and self-esteem. Your mobility and flexibility will improve, you will look and feel your absolute best!

Ginger is sunshine to me.  She manages to encourage without stress, nudge without assault, and challenge without negativity.   She has helped me have a stronger upper body after a mastectomy than ever before.  At seventy, I know I determine my commitment and therefore my success regarding fitness, and I appreciate Ginger's ongoing inspiration and expertise. “ 


Enjoy the Benefits

Look Better!

Lose weight, Shed body fat, Gain weight, Build muscle, Shape your body, Enhance your physique, Improve posture, Improve movement grace

Feel Better!

 Relieve Stress, Increase energy, Enhance Relaxation, Rehabilitate injuries, Achieve Vibrant Health, Gain Vitality

Function Better!

Move with ease and agility, and perform at your peak in your given Sport! Maximize your daily strength, and improve your work performance. Dance up a storm, Improve your digestion, nutrition and eating habits! Enhance your overall performance!

"I did the cleanse 2 months ago and I had unbelievable results!  From weight-loss to skin clarity, better digestion, better sleep habits, mental clarity and euphoria!  It has changed my digestive system and way of thinking about eating.  The cleanse has retrained my body from poor cravings to good cravings.  A life-changing experience awaits you."

- Christy

Let's get fit and healthy

Contact me today for your free 15 minute consultation. getspysed@gmail.com

My personal programs are designed to put you back in control of your life and health; enabling you to restore balance and have more time, energy, feel your best, and ultimately give you the freedom to do the things you want to do!